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Falling Skies Poached Chicken

Wow, so immediately after I began my posts, my cousin and another good friend mentioned a show “Falling Skies” and their reference to poaching chicken.  I’ve never seen the show, but I thought…what the heck, let’s find some poaching recipes for the Falling Skies Fans!

So just for you Ian, and Erin, here are my very small but current collections of poached chicken recipes.  I have never poached a chicken, and I have to say the pictures don’t look amazingly delectible…but I’m willing to try it and let you know how it goes!

For now…here are the recipes I’ve found.  Feel free to share your own for all the Falling Skies Fans so we’re ready for the Alien invasion.  – This one I’ll try.  I’m a HUGE fan of balsamic vinegar and so is our daughter, so it’s a possibility for the entire family to fall in love with it!

Poach away my friends!

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