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Friday Night Picnic…A Family Tradition

I remember when I was a kid when my dad was out of the house, my mom used to spread out a blanket, and cook up fried hamburgers for my sister and me and we would watch Underdog, Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk.  The three of us would laugh and giggle about how our father would never join us on the floor to eat, much less eat fried hamburgers.  He is quite the chef, and I’m quite sure eating on a blanket huddled around a TV doesn’t quite live up to the European culinary adventure he usually has in mind.

Now, 30 years later, the first Friday of every month my husband has a show at his gallery.  This entails him leaving the house in the late afternoon and not returning until well after my daughter and I have gone to bed.  Sometimes we go to see the new work, say hello and spend time with friends.  Then there are the nights like tonight when the tradition continues.  Our daughter and I are home, snuggled up watching a silly kid movie and eating macaroni and cheese and hot dogs.  It’s amazing how much we enjoy spreading out the towel on the floor, putting our dogs outside and chowing down while picnicking in front of the TV.

For me, there is something genuine about the original Mac and Cheese.  It’s so creamy and delicious, and don’t believe the talk…the “light” version is NOT as yummy :-).  The perfectly cooked pasta, the creamy “cheese” it’s a unique flavor and texture all it’s own.  I’m proud that Kraft hasn’t messed with their recipe too much…it’s amazing how something so simple can bring back so many memories as a kid.

Hot Dogs are a whole other animal.  I love them…my favorite are the Hebrew Nationals that are just delicious.  Our daughter loves ketchup and only ketchup and I go a little more “wild” with mustard and relish.  She can’t stand seeing green things on the dog, but some day I’m sure she’ll try it.

So in my own way, I keep the tradition going.  Huddle around the TV, eat some delicious food, and feel like a kid again.  All while providing our daughter with traditions of her own….only with Mac and Cheese instead of Hamburgers….but I know how to fry up those burgers, and when our daughter decides to try meat I’m making those burgers for our picnic.

And maybe, if I’m lucky, she’ll watch The Incredible Hulk with me too.

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