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Choose our dinner adventure!

At least once a week, this conversation (or something similar) happens in our house, and I’m fairly certain that we’re not the only ones:

Spouse A  What would you like for dinner?  Steak, Chicken or Burgers?

Spouse B:  I’m really open what do you want?

Spouse A:  I’m really open too!

Child:  How about Macaroni and Cheese?

Spouse B: No, we need some protien.

Spouse A:  Ok, so we have steak chicken or burgers.  What sounds the best?

Spouse B:  I’m really open, what do you want?

Sound familiar?  Well I’ve decided to avoid this conversation and I’m putting it in your capable hands…so you, my loyal readers, friends and family, get to choose what we will have for dinner on Saturday, August 20th for dinner.  The winning meal will be prepared and served in our house, and yes our household members can vote too, and our daughter can even write in Macaroni and Cheese if she wants. 🙂

So have fun, tell your friends, the more votes the merrier, and we’ll see who wins out!  Meanwhile, you can use the winning idea too!  The final winner will be announced on Friday the 19th and you can make the top winner too!  That way you can avoid this conversation as well.  See, I just saved you 5 minutes out of your busy day. 🙂

Have fun!

4 thoughts on “Choose our dinner adventure!

  1. It’s summer… bust out the grill and make those incredibly yummy, juicy, mouth-watering burgers! (And invite us over. 🙂 hahah)

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