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And the winner is….


Winning 30% of all votes…the Steak will be served!

Tonight I tried something new…not only did I spread our favorite salt all over it (if you’re curious, the Williams Sonoma Salt with cracked pepper in it is amazing)  but I also sprinkled a little olive oil on the steak first!  But not just any olive oil, rosemary infused olive oil.  It was heavenly.  I put the olive oil on the steak about 5 minutes before throwing them on to a super hot grill and I couldn’t be happier.  And for those of you who are curious…yes the steak was a nice medium rare and I actually used my own reference in the blog to find the correct temperature!

One thing I’ve learned is to try and share flavors between the meat and the veggies.  I think I learned it from Rachel Ray in her show approximately the time that I attempted to make Strawberry Pasta, with a strawberry salad on the side and strawberry ice cream for desert….I went a bit batty that night.    So I try to have the spices similar within all the pieces of the meal and it makes the meal more cohesive.  Tonight, I took her advise (and didn’t go crazy like the strawberry night) and sprinkled the new potatoes (cut in half and then quartered) with the same olive oil and some salt and pepper.  I cooked them at 450 degrees for 25 minutes and they turned out amazing!!!

So to wet your pallets here are a few pics of our steak and potatoes while they were in the process of becoming delicious….and no, our daughter didn’t have Macaroni and Cheese, but she did have Tortellini…with cheese :-).

Thank you all for your votes!!!

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