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Kindergarten Lunch Box

I don’t remember what I used to eat in Kindergarten, but I’m sure my mom wasn’t as freaked out about the food I ate as I seem to be with our daughter.  For some reason, I’m overly concerned that she won’t eat, so I have gone in the completely opposite direction and providing her with way too much food, and too many options.

Here is what is in her lunch box on her first day of school:

  • Cheesy Pizza Lunchables
  • Turkey and Cheese Sandwich
  • String Cheese
  • Apple Juice
  • Bag of Chips

This is what our 5 year old daughter usually eats for a regular lunch:

  • 3 nibbles of a sandwich
  • 2 gulps of juice

Seriously, why do I think that in school she is going to turn into some other human and eat 4 times more than she would at home?  I’m fairly convinced it’s a control thing for me.  I love to cook for our family and give them food during the day to remind them how much I love them, and maybe give them something yummy during a big day.  So instead of being realistic, and giving our daughter a regularly portioned out box of food, I have over compensated significantly…and I’m ok with that.

The day I give her realistic portions is the day that I’m finally OK with her being in Kindergarten.  I can’t control a lot in her life anymore, nor will I ever, but I can continue to provide food, and someday I’ll give her a regular lunch where she’ll actually receive the appropriate amount of food that she’ll eat in one sitting.  But until then, she’s got a sandwich, chips, cheese, juice and tomorrow she’ll get a couple cookies (just to bring a little smile on her face).

Hopefully she eats more than just the cookies, we shall see.

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