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M-M-M-My Tomatoes

I love gardening…it’s been so fun to have a house that has even a little plot for gardening, and this year I am proud to say that my little bitty tomato plants have grown into huge monstrosities with enormous tomatoes.

We have three different type of tomatoes:  all Heirloom (which I learned this year are tomatoes made from seeds of tomatoes over 100 years ago, passed down through generations to make delicious yummy tomatoes – I learned this while enjoying a martini and one of the most amazing dishes ever at Bella Bistro in Arvada …there was Cheese, more cheese, Balsamic vinegrette….and martini’s….but I am now veering wildly off topic….)

So, we have 3 types of tomatoes, red, purple, and striped.  I imagined that they would all grow the same, but just have different colors, however I was way off.

The red plant:  This plant shot up like a rocket and then sprouted the cluster of tomatoes in a heartbeat  (which I thought was just a fluke but that’s how it grows!)  So we have now the bunches of tomatoes all about 1-2″ in size starting to turn bright red.  They are sweet and cute as a button!

The purple plant:  Similarly to the red plant, it shot up and then started producing tomatoes right away.  I forgot which one was the purple plant, so when I saw this weird-looking tomato that seemed a bit “off” I almost threw it away…but then I remembered, WAIT thes

The little red guys all cuddled up together!

e are Purple!  These are more normal, coming in around 2-4″ in diameter and growing one at a time.

The striped plant:  This is the most interesting.  This plant grew, and grew, and grew.  And while the other plants had started producing fruit, this plant just grew.  I thought maybe I got a dud…and then…EXPLOSION!!!!  I have so many tomatoes that I have to actually make a sacrificial cut of extra stems and limbs as the tomatoes are weighing the plant down, and it even tipped over the cage that is holding it up!  It’s amazing!  All of the tomatoes are still green, but I can’t WAIT to see what happens.

My husband told me of a story of one tomato plant that would grow up to 25′ with the proper support…I’m officially intrigued!  Next year I may have some sort of maze of tomatoes!

I love walking out to my garden and grabbing a bitty tomato and throwing it into an omelette (which are actually starting to look like omelets…yay!) I will miss my tomatoes when the snow comes…but maybe I’ll keep a few of those seeds and keep the heirlooms going.

For now, enjoy the shot of my bitty bunch of Red Heirloom Tomatoes (while they were green) and as things ripen up I’ll start sharing our photos.  Meanwhile my family will just have to be patient and eat our bunches of cucumbers, basil and cayenne peppers…ok, not the peppers but I’ll dry those suckers out one of these days and the chili in the fall will be fantastic.

2 thoughts on “M-M-M-My Tomatoes

  1. Or, if you have a glut of tomatoes, you could can them! You just need to buy the jars and lids. We have a large pot for boiling the jars, then close the lids, and voila! You’ve got tomatoes for the winter. And acidic foods like tomatoes won’t go bad (due to bacteria, fungi, etc.). I canned tomatoes years ago. You can check out proper canning techniques. Sounds like fun! : )

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