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Fill in the blanks – Your help is requested!

Cooking and baking is so much fun…but eating out is fantastic too!  Lately I’ve been writing and thinking recently about my favorite sandwich (Turkey, cheese and cranberry at The Market in Downtown – ) and the cheese deliciousness at Bella Bistro got me thinking…we have so many amazing places for food in Colorado and I want to know about them, and I know a lot of my friends would too!

So now I’m asking for your expertise…fill in the blanks 🙂

“I absolutely LOVE _________________ Restaurant, and when you go be sure to order _______________.”

I have 2 rules.

1.  Please share locally owned, or Non-Chain restaurants.  I would love the opportunity to find some terrific finds that you can’t find anywhere else.

2.  Have fun!  this is the opportunity to toot your favorite restaurant’s horn, so share away!  Websites are helpful but not necessary.

My husband and I will be trying a few places out in the next couple weekends and we can’t wait to try your favorites!  And of course, write about them!

Feel free to share via Facebook or log it right onto the site!  I’ll compile the full list and let you know how our food adventure goes!


3 thoughts on “Fill in the blanks – Your help is requested!

  1. If you haven’t been to Yak and Yeti, you have to go…there is one in Olde Arvada and one up on 88th and Sheridan…and if you go, make sure to try…everything on the lunch buffet. Super yum.

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