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Cupcakes, Ice Cream and M&M’s. Oh My!

I adore desert, but I’ll be very honest, I like the process of making desert and watching people eat them much better than eating it.  With that, my husband gave me a book for my birthday of oodles and oodles of amazing cupcakes that are so unique and different it would make any one say “wow” before eating every single bite.  The book is called What’s New Cupcake and if you like making cupcakes…you need this book.  In a few steps you can make your cupcakes stand out in the crowd, and the whole family likes to eat the “mistakes” as you practice your technique. 🙂

So my first attempt at super awesome cupcakes was the “Ghost Cupcakes”, which as you’ll see through my pictures can also be snowmen which is just perfect for this season!

Here’s the plan:

Make Chocolate Cupcakes (and yes, I’ll admit, Betty Crocker helped me out with this step)

Let them cool completely (this is the hardest part – wait wait wait….I went grocery shopping during this step)






Ok, now the fun begins.

Take a knife and cut out a cone sized hole in the top of the cupcake (don’t worry this will not go to waste)













Now ice the outside of the cupcakes with Chocolate icing

Take about 7 oreo Cookies and crush them up in a food processor, or if you don’t have one, then crush them up by hand, however the food processor is way better.











Take the iced Cupcakes and slowly roll them into the cookie crumbs (this make the cupcake look like there’s dirt on the cupcake…yummy delicious dirt)

Now, take a little bitty scoop of ice cream and put it in the hole of the cupcake.

Take one cone, and flip it upside down and put it on the ice cream.

Finally, take whipped cream, put it in a quart size ziplock bag and cut one corner off the bag

Pipe the Whipped cream over the ice cream, over the cone and try to make another blob on the top.











Now put mini M&M’s in sideways to make the eyes.

This takes practice, and mine kindof look a little blobby, but that’s ok, they were delicoius.  Cake, ice cream, whipped cream, oreos and M&M’s?  You can’t go wrong.  If you can’t eat them immediately, put them in the freezer and then take them out 10  minutes before you plan to eat them.

I hope everyone enjoys a lovely time making fun cupcakes for you, your friends and family!


Interested in the book?  Here’s the link!

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