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145 Degrees of Lovely Pork!

I am so excited about this, and I have been for a while, however it’s time to announce a very exciting moment for the lovers of Pork!  Now let me preface this, I love Pork….especially in Boneless Chop Form.  My favorites are from Costco, they’re HUGE, thick, juicy and last forever in the freezer (however with our new grill that works in the winter, they haven’t been sticking around for long).  But I also enjoy a pork loin (covered in sage and cranberry sauce is the best and great for sandwiches after) and really any part of the “pork” family.

However, if you’re a stickler for rules, the USDA has warned you heavily to ensure that pork is cooked to a very well done 160 degrees.  Now, I tried this, many times, but the pork tends to be drier, harder and while still delicious just not as juicy.  So I always went a little under this number, feeling guilty and terrible hoping that the rumors were true that pork does not contain salmonella and I was not in fact poisoning my family.

So to my celebration, I have learned that the USDA has lowered the pork’s minimum cooking temperature to 145 degrees!  Jump up, jump up and get DOWN!!!  So now all my thermometers (and yes even the broken one that still half works) have the wrong reccomendation written on them, but don’t worry I’ll remember!  It’s now in my blog, so if I ever forget…here it is! 😉

At 145 degrees, the pork is juicy, delisious lovely and melts in your mouth.  No matter how you cook it, it’s better at 145.

So go, enjoy and love that pork at 145 degrees, knowing for sure that your family is safe, and the USDA has approved your cooking temperature.  Eat well my friends!

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