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Snowman Cupcakes

Well, we have yet again ventured into the “What’s New Cupcake” book and found some amazing snowmen cupcakes wonderfully designed for a snowy day such as today!   So if you have some time, and a kiddo (or two) to help out, I think you have just found your next cupcake craft adventure.

Snowman Cupcakes – adjusted recipe from “What’s New Cupcake”

Happy Little Snowmen Cupcakes

1 – Make your favorite cupcake recipe (it would work better with white cake, but chocolate is a much bigger hit in our house, so we went with chocolate)

2 – Let them cool completely – overnight if possible

3 –  Frost all cupcakes with white whipped frosting.

4 – Dip and roll the cupcakes into a bowl filled with sugar.  (Our daughter LOVED this part) This gives a very sparkly snowy feel on the top of the cupcake

5 – Insert regular sized chocolate chips in the cupcake for the eyes

6 – Next the nose – the book calls for orange jelly candy cut into triangles, I opted for candy corn for the noses it was a lot easier and I didn’t have to cut it.

7 – Insert mini chocolate chips for the mouth

Now, there are other things you can do like creating a hat for the snowman using thin chocolate wafers, but I couldn’t figure that one out as they kept breaking on me, so our daughter and I decided these 24 cupcakes were aok without hats. 🙂

It was really fun to do and they were a hit with the kids and mom’s at the neighborhood cookie party!

Enjoy, and have fun!


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