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Happy New Year to You and Your Lobster!

Remember that “Friends” episode?  You know, the one where Phoebe says “See, he’s her lobster!”  (You’re welcome for the quick and easy link to a very funny bit…gotta love Fibi)

Anyhow, I’m not referencing you and your loved one that you will hold claws with for the rest of your life, this time I mean actual, real delicious, and amazing LOBSTERS.  It has become a new years tradition in our house, lobsters, live squirmy, wiggily, alive lobsters.  For those of you who aren’t necessarily keen on geography, I live in Colorado, which is absolutely no where near where lobsters live.  Therefore, I must plan….I have tried to remember to order lobsters in plenty of time for the new years eve celebration, but every year, I find myself, just like today…no lobsters ordered.

So, if you live in Colorado and you want to find your own personal Lobster, go to this store – Pacific Ocean Market –

They have oodles and oodles of lobsters, crabs, clams, shrimp and yes even live frogs if you’re so inclined.  It’s fantastic and the cost per pound for Lobster is not too shabby, usually around $8/pound.

The first year we did this, both my husband and I were so freaked out we wore cleaning gloves to get them into the water, now that we’re older and wiser, I just have my husband do it while I entertain our daughter.  (I’m so smart haha).  However, there are a couple tricks to creating this amazingly fantastic yet simple meal.

1.  Get a BIG Pot.  You may need to borrow one from your parents and then “forget” to return it…after a few years they may not remember they ever had it.

2.  Buy one lobster per person, you may think you want to share, but once you start digging in, you won’t want to.

3.  Use UNSALTED butter…I made this mistake last year and it was a BAD mistake.

4.  Steam the lobster in less water than you think you need.  It should only be about 1″ of water in the pot, if that.  Any more and the lobsters will come out watery, don’t worry they are still delicious, just a little more wet.

5.  Make sure the water is BOILING before you have the lobster go to their final bath.

6.  Keep the lobsters alive (and yes in the bag they came in) in your fridge before you bring them out to the kitchen.  It keeps them calmer as they kindof get sleepy when they’re cold, and you don’t hear them scratching around as much.

7.  Put them in and OWN IT.  You are the master of that lobster and he bows down to you….don’t let those googely eyes get you…he’s delicious, and he needs to be appreciated for his deliciousness, and YOU are the best person to do that.

8.  If you can, put the heads in first as it will disable them and kill them in the fastest manner possible.  Watch out tho, they’re like cats and will try to get really big to not be put in the pot…this is where the sleepy cold lobsters are easier to convince .

9.  Hold down the lid….yup….hold down the lid for just a couple minutes after they go in.  You will hear some movement in there, don’t let it bother you, just pretend it’s the oven making a funny noise…don’t think about those poor little buggers trying to escape.  If you hear a squeal…it is not them, it’s their shells getting ready to be opened and reveal their deliciousness.

10.  When they turn BRIGHT RED they are done (maybe about 10-20 min tops).  Take them out and I recommend putting them in the sink to drain a bit if you added a little too much water.

11.  Be prepared…get yourself some shell crackers, lobster forks and a LOT of napkins.  We recommend paper napkins, even if the nice ones look good, it’s a messy adventure so the paper ones are nice.

12.  Melt some butter (remember UNsalted is best) and dip and eat away.

13.  The green stuff and the red things are a delicacy, my grandmother would eat them to my disgust as a child, licking her fingers after every bite.  I’ve never tried it…but I may just do it this year.  My grandmother is a smart woman, and I could learn a thing or two from her.

Yummy Lobster!

It’s a little freaky the first 3 to 25 times, but every year it’s worth it.  What a lovely way to ring in the new year, eat some delectable food, and remember how lucky you are.  Look at you, You and Your Lobster eating Lobster to ring in a lovely new year.

Happy New Year everyone, and I wish you a lovely celebration filled with love, food, wine, food, laughter and of course food.

I look forward to sharing with all of you in 2012!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year to You and Your Lobster!

  1. Ah, your father, the former lobster fisherman’s assistant, will be so proud of your expertise. Bien fait, ma fille! : )

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