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A Little Hangover Help For My Friends

We’ve all been there, or at least it makes me feel better thinking that we’ve all been there at least once.

The celebration started, the drinks were poured and you had maybe one or two too many.  But the drinks were soooooo good, and it was one hell of a party…until the morning comes.  I remember the days that I used to have, where one hell of a hangover would lead me to lay on the couch all day the next day, eat pizza and hot wings, watch football and be basically in recovery mode for one full day.  Now, no matter what the day or how many I’ve had the night before, I’m awoken bright and shiny by our lovely daughter who comes in and says “Good morning Mommy!” and with that, the day begins, whether I’m ready or not.

And think about crashing on the couch?  No, I’m immediately whisked into the pretend world of our 5 year old who has some amazing imaginative plan for the day.  It’s normally very very fun, but the headache has a tendency to make me not very exciting or fun to play with.  Therefore, I have had to come up with a small miracle cure that will allow me to at least attempt to be fun and functional first thing in the morning.

A long time ago, my husband found a great article about protein and how by adding protein to your system actually helps your body heal quickly, and you know what, he’s right!  Protein is fantastic, a nice breakfast of eggs, bacon and sausage always is amazing…if you have the energy to cook, and because I normally don’t want to be vertical for too long first thing in the morning, I’ve come up with a little trick that works wonders.  I hope it helps you too.

Quick Hangover Breakfast 

One bagel thin

One egg

One piece of cheese (anything in your fridge will do)

Beat the egg in a microwaveable bowl and add whatever spices you like.  Salt and pepper, or if you have it on hand Peneys Spices “Rocky Mountain Blend” is fantastic.

Microwave the egg for 45 seconds on high.

Toast the bagel thin if you like

After the egg is microwaved, put it right on that bagel thin, top with cheese and the other side of the thin, and poof – breakfast sandwich.

Drink with water, lots and lots of water all day.

It doesn’t replace the bacon, sausage egg breakfast that I love, however it does give a little umph to your stomach to then give you the energy to make that big breakfast, for lunch 🙂  I hope you don’t need this recipe much, however if you do, you now have it ready to go for you.

I wish you all a happy new year and a very small hangover.


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