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Ice Cream Makes Everything Better

When I think back on my childhood I have very fond memories of spending every Summer with my Grandparents. My sister and I would live about 2-3 months with my Grandparents and see both sets during the long summers. We had a great time, and so many things I learned and remember from my time with all of them.

With my Maternal Grandparents, I remember a lot, and learned a lot. Here are just a few things I learned as a Kid at Nan and Doud’s (that’s my Grandpa) house.

1. Never, and I say NEVER try to shave your legs without water and shaving cream.

2. Always make coffee for your Grandfather, he will give you a big hug right when he sees it when he gets up, and he’ll drink it no matter how horrible it is.

3. Always offer to help your Grandmother in the kitchen, she will always say “No” but then she’ll tell you tons of fun stories as you watch her cook.

4. Ice Cream makes every day better.

My Grandmother had worked at an ice cream shop when she was younger, and she would always have just a little ice cream (and really a little bit, 2 TBSP at max) every day. Yes, every day.

Good Day or bad, Nana would have her ice cream and enjoy every bite. You could watch her for hours, she would sit down, focus on her ice cream and enjoy…truly enjoy that ice cream. She would take her time, take a little bit and enjoy. I swear she would let it melt completely in her mouth before she would swallow. It took her about 20 minutes to enjoy 2 Tablespoons of Ice Cream.  I have no idea how she kept it cold….maybe she kept the bowl in the freezer, I still don’t know.

I loved it, she would give me the same amount of ice cream and I would suck it down in about 3 spoon fulls, and she would say, “You ate that too fast.”

And she was right.

Today, I had a rare moment with our Daughter, the last free day before school starts and we got to play the Wii and just hang out. After we started playing horribly we decided a break was in order. So I got us some ice cream. Which I still ate too fast, but I took the last bite as Nana would. Slow and steady, let it melt, then swallow.  What perspective, when I slowed down and actually thought about what and how I was eating, it awakened my taste buds and I really noticed the taste and texture of the food. It was the best bite of ice cream I had.

In the day in age of eating fast, moving fast, running from event to event, how many of us can say that we truly enjoyed our food, or even one portion of our meal or a snack?

I hope you all have a lovely small bowl of your favorite ice cream today. And if you’re impatient like me, eat fast, but take ONE BITE, then let it melt in your mouth completely and then swallow. It’s amazing how one small bite will make you think and calm down, and hopefully bring you fond memories of your childhood.

Enjoy your Friday you Dishers. And don’t forget your ice cream.

2 thoughts on “Ice Cream Makes Everything Better

  1. I love this post, thank you! Such a great metaphor for life in general. 🙂 (And I like the excuse to have some ice cream every day. 🙂 )

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