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Today’s Judge – Chef Matthew!

There are few times in life when we really treat ourselves. I mean really take the time to splurge, indulge  relax and enjoy the moment.  One of these moments in my life was when my Husband and I treated ourselves to an amazing meal at Linger.

Let me tell you a little about  Linger. First of all, it’s a Historic Site in Denver as it was once a mortuary, and even is reported to have held Buffalo Bill’s body for 6 months in 1917. A wonderfully smart gentleman named Justin Cucci had a great idea in 2011 and turned the old monument into something absolutely amazing.  Linger was born. Now it is an amazing restaurant while incorporating so many cool things from the historic building.  Photos of Harold and Maude are up, as well as gangsters, and Denver historic figures.

The bathrooms are awesome, even if you don’t have to “go” please visit them. And while we went on a too cool night, I hear the roof top bar is fantastic.

We are lucky enough to know one of the wonderful chef’s at this fine establishment…Matthew Perry.  Matthew is fantastic and an amazing chef. He and the entire crew at Linger made for us an amazing meal including the Bartender special Drinks which is an incredible experience of telling someone your favorite spirit, a flavor you like and poof they make you an incredible drink tailored to you!

Mine was a strawberry jalapeno vodka and it was incredible. Seriously, it was amazing.

In addition we tried this amazing roll that included fried Brussels Sprouts. If you know my husband, you know that he does NOT eat Brussels Sprouts. But upon trying this amazing item, he said “If all Brussels Sprouts tasted like this I would eat them more.” That’ s a HIGH compliment.

This was incredible, even for the Brussel sprout hater.

We also tried some duck tacos and some amazing ice cream.  The tacos were almost gone before I forgot to take a picture, and the ice cream never made it to the photo shoot…but here’s a picture of my empty dish.  I loved it.

So all in all, treating ourselves to this amazing restaurant was a great idea, and we will have to do it again, if only for me to bring my actual camera and take better pictures for you all to see this amazing food.

So all of this to introduce you to my friend Matthew who has graciously accepted my invitation to be a judge for my contest!  Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy life to take a look and judge the recipes! We hope to come visit you again soon at Linger or Root Down and enjoy your amazing food! Thank you for sharing your talent with our community and the world!

And maybe, just maybe, we’ll see my sweet husband eat Brussels Sprouts again.

One thought on “Today’s Judge – Chef Matthew!

  1. Big thumbs up for Linger also!! Nate and I went there for our anniversary last Spring, and it was a culinary highlight this year. I haven’t tried Root Down yet, but it’s on my list. Maybe we can plan a double date. 🙂

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