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Meet The Judge – Cranky Mommy Macarelli

Some people make you laugh…then some people make you laugh harder…then there’s Katie she makes me genuinely double over with laughter.

Katie makes me laugh no matter how she communicates to me. Instagram photos, status updates and especially in person, laughter and light abound when Katie is around. Katie is a wonderful person who has a passion for bicycling  a wonderful wife and mother of two wonderful little girls.  But in addition to all of that, she is over caffeinated all the time, and brings her passion for coffee to everyone she meets.

The first time I came to her house I had the best coffee I’ve had in years. She “whipped up” a large cup of coffee  which I swear was in a bowl with a handle,  with steamed milk, just enough sugar in the raw and it even had cute little peaks in the froth. As you may know, I love coffee, but Katie brings this love to a whole new level.

So blend the humor that naturally surrounds Katie, and the love and talent for awesome coffee and you have Cranky Mommy’s Coffee. Her blog posts are hilarious, and better yet her art and humor make me just smile and I bet you’ll love them too.

Thank you Katie for your humor, your light and your rants. I love them all, and while I don’t see you as much as I used to, that doesn’t mean you live in the boonies. So get on your bike, ride down to Mayberry and come see your friends.

Thank you for being a judge on my fun contest! Your opinion and rants are welcomed and appreciated 🙂


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