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Today’s Judge – Damian Sandolo!

Few people in life have massive impacts on your life, and one of those people for me is Damian Sandolo. Damian is a wonderfully generous man who has lived a life of passion and love and everything he does comes from a place based off of passion, love for his family, and a sense a fun and adventure. My husband and I had the unique pleasure of taking an amazing trip with him to Italy which was incredible.

Now lets be clear about this. I’m a Virgo, which means I’m a bit of a planner, but traveling with Damian reminded me that adventures can come from all kinds of places, and we don’t need to plan EVERYTHING.  Seriously, 2 days before going to Florence and we didn’t have a hotel yet. I drew the line there and encouraged him to get a couple reservations, you know, so we don’t sleep in the street. 😉

Damian’s family was so wonderful and welcoming and allowed us to live with them and enjoy the true life of living in Ponza, Italy. One of the things that is embedded in my memory is the food. From home made pasta with octopus to fresh caught fish, it was amazing. But one item stands out in my mind. Pizza. Damian’s cousin, Maritzio, owns and manages a restaurant and specializes in Pizza for lunch. This Pizza crust is crisp but not crunchy, the toppings are perfectly blended but not overwhelming, and the memories are fantastic.

Maritizio had the pleasure of learning his wonderful craft from Damian’s Father.  Damian’s Father ran a restaurant in Connecticut and now, Damian manages and has completely revamped this wonderful Restaurant, John’s Best Pizza of Wilton.  Damian’s sense of adventure and Fun leads this amazing place and the fantastic pizza and food supports the enjoyable experience even further and makes people want to come back again and again. The pizza that we enjoyed and remember from Ponza is there in Connecticut waiting for everyone to enjoy it.

Damian has transformed this restaurant to a fun, engaging, family place where everyone leaves smiling, happy and full.

We all lead different lives, and they intersect with different people from all over the world, and I’m so glad my life path has intersected with Damian’s as he is a true friend for life. No matter how long we go without seeing each other, he will always be a true friend, and when we connect we talk for hours straight. It could be years of not talking, but when the conversation starts, it’s as if no time has passed.

Thank you Damian for building such a wonderful restaurant in your family’s tradition, and thank you for putting your spin and personality all over it. I also thank you for being a judge in my contest here, it’s so much fun to have you connected, and next time you’re in Colorado, I may just have to borrow you to teach me the pizza craft and catch up over a few bottles of fine Italian wine.


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