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Chantilly’s Heavenly Cream

2012 was an wonderful and amazing year for our family, and one of the events that made it so amazing was our trip to France. It was an incredible trip filled with family, food, wine (lots of wine) and laughter. It was phenomenal.   One of the most amazing days was a day that my Father set up for our daughter, it was a day to go visit the Chateau de Chantilly, which is an amazing Chateau, and it looks like a real princess castle.

That day was amazing. Truly wonderful, magical, amazing. It is one of those days that will live in my memory as one of the most special days in our family, and seeing our daughter truly take in the wonder was amazing.

One specific part of our day that my stomach truly enjoyed was our “lunch” on the grounds.

Lunch, it turns out, was whipped cream. Seriously, this is what we had for lunch.

Hot Chocolate with Chantilly Cream, Strawberry Pie with Chantilly Cream, and our daughter had just straight Strawberries with Chantilly Cream.


Now please don’t get me wrong, we were all HUNGRY.  Hungry for lunch, we hadn’t eaten yet and it was lunch time in our bellies. I was looking forward to a nice sandwich or salad. But by the time we got to the restaurant they didn’t serve any meals, just Chantilly Cream. So that’s what we had…a LOT of Chantilly Cream.

I have to say, the taste of this whipped cream is exceptional. This isn’t your whipped cream in a tub that you buy from the store. This is serious.

It is truly creamy, like melt in your mouth cream. I absolutely am certain they don’t use any diet or light ingredients in this. 🙂 And they shouldn’t, seriously it’s amazing. The texture is smooth, like eating silk and melts in your mouth and upon my first bite, I found myself sitting back and eating much slower to savor every taste.

I have never had anything like this before, and I am definitely going to eat it again. I bought the recipe, which is in french, and my father offered to help me translate it so I can attempt the craft at home. I have a better version of the recipe, however here’s a picture of the recipe we took from the store. Sorry for the Flash and shadow, we were in a cream high and could really care less about the quality of the photo at that moment, I just wanted the recipe. For those of you who speak french, this will be very helpful. For those of you like me and do not speak french, here’s what you do. Call a friend who speaks french and offer to have them taste test the recipe if they translate this for you. That should work….and tell them it’s heavenly if they don’t know what it is. Seriously heaven in a bowl.

Chantilly Cream

It looks pretty easy right?

I have a feeling that this is this simplest recipe that will be overwhelmingly hard to recreate. So in 2013 I will be attempting to make this. We shall see how I do, and how many rounds it takes me to get it right, but I’m determined to try, and try and try…and I promise to hit the YMCA a little more to make up for it.

Here’s another picture of it’s absolute deliciousness just in case you need another to wet your pallet.

Lunch - From above

A huge thanks to my husband who was smart enough to take these photos while I slowly ate my pie and cream. He’s a wonderful man, and a true artist in every sense of the word, and I’m so thankful he had enough will power to not eat immediately as I did. Thank you honey!

If you ever find yourself in Paris, and looking for a day to truly remember and enjoy, please consider going to the Chateau de Chantilly, and for you food history buffs, here is a link to the story of Chantilly’s Cream. I’m a bit of a geek and love history of food and I thought this was really cool.

I’ll be sure to circle back this year and let you know how my attempt at recreating this deliciousness goes!

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