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My Garden Zen


Every year, about this time, I get so excited to get outside and get dirty. Getting excited isn’t the right phrase…it’s almost like a calling. I can’t focus until it’s done, and until I have something, anything, growing in my little patch of the world.

There is something so calming about digging up the ground, breaking up the soil, and adding nutrients to it to allow something to grow. I love these little plants like they are my little kids,and I love to see them grow and flourish bigger and bigger every year as I get better at gardening. Last night I planted my garden and today is their first day as Rice’s.

Here they are, aren’t they cute?


I know they are little now, but they will grow up to be big, contributing members to our house. This summer I am going to document their growth and see how they do! Last year, I was a horrible garden mother, and due to random circumstances allowed my tomato plants to get overrun by bugs, one of them toppled over and grew sideways, and the cucumbers got so crazy they started growing into our grass. It was a complete science experiment out there.

But this year is different, I’m hopeful for a great summer of growth and delicious vegetables to arrive on our dinner plates a lot this year. There is something extremely calming and zen-like when I plant the plants.

Exposing the roots to the ground, and digging their own little hole is so comforting. It’s so special to allow them a space in our home. For me, I love, no ADORE having something growing in our garden. It gives me a little sense of purpose, and when I cook and see the little plants out in the garden from my kitchen window, I feel grounded, just like the plants.

It’s interesting, as I plant, I feel more grounded.

I put a lot of love, heart and soul into my garden and I like to think the garden is a reflection of what I do in the home. Putting time into the foundation of my marriage which in turn helps grow love and flourish Ryan and my deep commitment to each other to somehting much greater than we would have done without that foundation work.


Fertilizing and watering every day my relationship with our daughter to give her a true sense of life, and allow her to have a strong foundation as well to grow into whatever plant she wants to be.


Gardening is my reminder that my life is deep, strong and beautiful. But it doesn’t come easy, every day we must water, fertilize, and ensure the foundation stays strong first. We must get rid of things that don’t belong like weeds, and other distractions that take away from who we are and what our purpose is.

Gardening is a direct representation of my life. Strong plants, strong family, it’s all hard work, but it’s the greatest work this girl could ever ask for.

Welcome to summer everyone, I wish for you a fruitful and strong garden season both in the garden and in the home.

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