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Meet Sienna, My Kitchen “Helper”


Today, I would like to introduce you to my kitchen “helper” Sienna. Sienna is 11 years old now, and spry as a puppy. She is a mystery breed as she was found on the side of the road as a 4-6 week old pup when the rescue shelter found her.

We were lucky enough to be her adoptive parents, and now I’m lucky enough to have her with me by my side in the kitchen. She is the first dog I’ve ever owned, and I’m her first human mom, so we have a really special relationship.

This dog is incredible. I swear she knows when I’m going in the kitchen to just grab something to eat vs. going to cook. If she knows I’m going to cook, she keeps me company every step of the way. She eats almost everything. Flour off the floor when I’m making cookies, raw broccoli stems that fly off the cutting board and when she gets lucky, a random piece of meat or bacon that flies off of a pan.

See I’m a very messy cook, and Sienna has helped me to be this messy because she cleans up right after me.

One time, I was broiling sliders and I took the hot broiling pan out of the oven and a slider slid (haha I just realized how funny this is, the sliders sliding…awesome) off the pan and Sienna caught it mid air and ate it whole. She then promptly threw up all over the carpet because she had no idea how hot a slider could be, and it happened so fast I had no time to stop her. But the talent to catch a flying burger with just your mouth before it has a chance to hit the ground is quite impressive.


So we try to avoid her eating both chocolate and massively hot things out of the oven, but other than that, the floor is hers and she owns it.

Some of you know me and are wondering about our other dog Guinness. Well Guinness has been kicked out of the kitchen by Sienna. I also believe that Guinness eats to live, and Sienna lives to eat. This is apparent when we feed them. Sienna chows her food like she will never see food again, and Guinness will sometimes lay down…let me repeat that LAY DOWN….next to her food as if she just thinks by being by the food it will absorb into her stomach. She eventually eats and then it’s a game as she growls at Sienna the entire time.

It reminds me of my relationship with my sister when I was little. My sister would eat her ice cream at a decent pace, and I would slowly s…l…o…w…l…y take my time just to ensure that I had an entire ice cream cone full of perfect ice cream when she was done. Then I would just relish in the fact that I still had more ice cream to eat and she had none. Yes, I’m the younger sister.

But these are dogs, and they are 11, which means they are really 77, I stopped this well before I was a teenager, these dogs should know better. But Guinness loves this game, so I let her have it, after all Sienna owns the kitchen floor.

I get worried about Guinness in the future tho. When the zombie apocalypse comes, this dog will have no earthly idea about how to find food. I know, I’ve been watching too much Walking Dead, but seriously, if all of a sudden, the three of us humans are zombies, these two dogs need to figure out how to survive, and Guinness’ chances are slim without Sienna to help. I toss her a cookie, it hits her in the nose as she forgot to open her mouth. Guinness’ well being as I wander around looking for brains is a real concern of mine. She is an adorable lover tho, and we absolutely adore her, which is why she is spoiled and handed the cookie typically now instead of tossing it at her, I feel bad hitting her in the head with food.

Sienna won’t be fooled tho into eating onions, garlic, or tomatoes. But that’s ok, it’s good for me to every once in a while lean over and pick something up. I feel very fortunate to have my little helper in the kitchen, and as our daughter starts cooking more and more with me, I know she enjoys it as well. We both giggle uncontrollably when Sienna weaves her way in between our feet to make sure she gets every last drop of milk that splashed on the floor.

She’s a good dog, and I feel so lucky to have her in my kitchen every day.

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