The Dishing Club

Have you ever been excited to try to cook something but a little nervous to try it? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone come to your home and help explain things to you and in a safe environment where it’s ok to ask any question you have? For example, I would have asked, “Do I need to boil the water before I put the spaghetti in it?”

I have a solution, welcome to The Dishing Club, a new kind of club that’s all about cooking, and of course eating! It’s a perfect opportunity to get a group of friends together, learn how to cook something new, and have fun all at the same time!

It’s similar to a book club, but there is no need to read a book ahead of time, just come as you are, bring an apron if you have one, and get ready to learn! I’ll show you how to make some of your favorite recipes with your friends so you can take your newfound knowledge home to your family!

To create a Dishing Club get 3-4 friends together who are interested and message me either via Facebook, Twitter or email me at and let me know you’re interested in creating a club! The first two groups to contact me will get a discount of $10/attendee (Typically $15-$30 each based off of the recipes chosen). The only rules are you’re willing to have fun and learn, and are in Colorado as I am not quite ready to take this on the road :).

I will coordinate with you to talk about the menu, ensure that there are no allergy concerns and coordinate a date for you and your friends.

I will show up to your house on our Club Meeting Date, and I’ll bring all the ingredients we need to make a delicious dish for you and your friends. Because I’m not sure how liquor licenses work, no alcohol will be provided for the group by me, however if you would like to have some while I cook and while you eat, please do! The only alcohol I will bring will be a part of the meal.

I’ll show you how to make something spectacular, and you’ll get to enjoy my real life funny cooking stories as well as a delicious meal with your friends at the end! This will be as hands on as you want, if you want to watch me do it, that’s quite alright, but if you want to get your hands dirty and crack a few eggs, I’ll be very excited for you to do it!

As a thank you gift, you will receive the recipes for the dishes we created, and something special to help you make it at home for your family in the future!

If you are one of the first two clubs, you will be asked to have photos of you for my blog to document the Club and to show others how fun it is! You will also be asked your opinion of the Club, how it worked, and of course get your opinion on the food so I can adjust my process for future clubs!

In addition, I’ll be testing this idea out with some little humans as well, starting with my daughter and some of her friends teaching them how to make something fun as well. If that goes well we will open it up for kids clubs too! Stay tuned for more information on the Kids Dishing Club.

I look forward to meeting with you all, and creating a fun, relaxed Dishing Club where it’s ok to ask questions, make mistakes, laugh and eat and learn something new in the kitchen!


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