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Garlic Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza Review

"I tried my mom's Cheeseburger Pizza. I loved it." I took a moment to interview our daughter about her experience, and this is what we came up with for her first official review. Cassidy has only had cheese pizza up until this point, and tried the Garlic Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza recently. She really enjoyed the… Continue reading Garlic Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza Review

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Garlic #3 – Roasted Garlic Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

There are two things I love to eat. Cheeseburgers and Pizza. So when I found out that you could blend these two amazing items into one delicious item, I flipped. The first time I ever had this was at Old Chicago and it was a special they had for about a week. Then I never… Continue reading Garlic #3 – Roasted Garlic Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza