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Banana Bread Pancakes


Sometimes the best recipes are those that are the absolute easiest. This is one of those lucky times where I did something in the kitchen, just to see how it works, and it just happened to turn out to be one of the best and easiest things I’ve made in a long time!

First things first, you must like Banana’s and you must like Pancakes. If you like both of those things, then you are good to go. If you like Jack Johnson, you can play Banana Pancakes while you make this, it makes me happy listening to it while I cook, plus he’s singing about what you’re making, how cute!

Banana Bread Pancakes
Your favorite boxed pancake mix (yes I used the box stuff, my favorite is Krusteaz Buttermilk Mix)
Any other ingredients you need to make the mix according to the package instructions
1 banana cut in half
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp sugar

1. Make the pancakes according to the package instructions
2. Take half of the banana and smash it into the pancake batter. Use a fork and really get it smushed in there, having some chunks is ok.
3. Cook the pancakes like normal, wait for the bubbles on the pancake to pop, but because of the banana you don’t have to wait for all of them to pop, just most of them before you flip it over.
4. Flip, cook and serve!
5. Slice the remaining banana on the top of the pancakes and sprinkle with Cinnamon, Sugar and just a little syrup.

Batta Bing, Batta Boom you’re done! And you’ve made an amazing delicious different breakfast for you and your family!

I hope you enjoy it!


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