Give A Man A Peach


Normally when I walk into work, I am in a daze. I may have worked out in the morning, dozed off on the bus and am blissfully wandering into work with my headphones blaring some upbeat song in my head. I work in lodo in Downtown Denver, and my walk to work takes me right by Coors Field Baseball Park. I love walking by here, the sense of something bigger hits me right away. I remember watching this stadium being built and significantly redefine this area of Denver.

I’m not a huge baseball fan, but I love this Baseball Field. It’s beautiful and the statue in front of it is so welcoming and such a great representative of the City I Love. He’s got a great view. I love it.


So normally I get off the bus, and blare my music in my head and ignore almost everything around me except cars and enjoy the walk to work.

But recently, I took out my earphones.

When I didn’t have beautiful music in my ears, I noticed something. There was a gentleman, sleeping on a bench. I have walked by this bench thousands of times, and I never saw him, but I have seen that lump of clothes there, but never gave it any thought. Today I did.

And I did something, I couldn’t stop myself from doing. I left him a peach, and not just any peach, a Colorado Peach.


Those of you from Colorado recognize how significant this is. Colorado Peaches are some of the most succulent, delicious items in the world, and when we get to have them we scoop them up like mad, and hoard them like gold. We only have these peaches for about a month, then they’re gone, without warning. Poof.

Now, I have never had a Georgia Peach, but I hear they’re pretty good too, so I’m not comparing…but I will say that Colorado Peaches are just about the best thing ever grown on this planet. They come from Palasade, which is on the Western Slope of the Mountains, and make the trek annually to us folks on the other side of the divide (That’s the continental divide) in July / August Every year. Every native Coloradan goes crazy when this happens. It’s more than just amazing delicious peaches that are available, it’s that there is a limited number of them. If you don’t get them, you have to wait an entire year to get them again. And I’m sorry, freezing them and eating them later is just not the same.

You need to just bite into these to immediately taste the sweet juicy peach that will immediately ooze it’s yummy juice all over your hand. It’s incredible, and yes, you must suck off every little piece off of the pit. It’s a tradition.

These peaches do not need anything except a quick rinse before you eat them. They are amazing.

In addition to the fact that they are not around for very long, one other thing Colorado Peaches remind me of is the end of summer. We used to get these right at the tail end of summer right before we went school shopping, this is the signal. It’s the end of summer, enjoy it now before it’s gone.

So here I am, giving one of my prized peaches to someone for breakfast. He moved, and I’ll be honest I was afraid he would wake up and be mad that I woke him up, but he didn’t, and I hope he enjoyed his breakfast.

Then continuing on my walk in, I saw another person tucked away on a stoop sleeping. How have I been sleepwalking so heavily that I haven’t seen any of these folks until today! So I did the same thing, feeling extra generous, I leaned down to deliver my last peach that was saved for my pleasure later, to give a yummy breakfast to someone else.

He woke up.

He looked at me, and I nervously asked “Would you like a peach? It’s a Colorado Peach, and I’ve already rinsed it off. I would like to give it to you.” and he looked up at me, held out his hand, and I placed it carefully in his open hand. Then he said “Thank you, I love these.” I said you’re welcome and walked off to work.

I don’t know what it was that compelled me to take off my headphones, I don’t know what compelled me to give two people peaches. All I know, is I was compelled to do it.

I think that in life, we look at our days and realize we have so much shit to do (sorry for the bad word, but it’s true). We have to pay bills, feed the kids, clean the house, get to work, do a good job, make money, be successful, schedule doctors appointments, get family members to where they need to go when they need to be there, make lunches, work out, stay healthy, go, go, go, go, go. When do we stop?

Only when we take out the earphones of life, get rid of the white noise, do we recognize that someone needs help, and sometimes that person is us. The pile of clothes has a human under it. Humans in general need help, and I believe that now it is my time to ask you to take pause and see if you can spare a peach for someone in need.

We don’t need to do something earth shattering to help people, we don’t need to volunteer for hours upon hours to be a good person. We don’t need to donate half of our salary to prove that we are worthy.

I really believe that good people do good things with what they have. I had two peaches, and I’m proud of what I chose to do with them.

I’m not a religious person, and I am not asking you to donate all your food, as I had plenty left over for me for my hungry tummy that day. I am asking every one to take out your earphones, no matter what they look like. Open up your ears, and eyes and look for someone to help, in your own way.

It’s the little moments in life that make the biggest impact, not just for the recipient, but for the giver too. I gave two people a delicious way to wake up, and that makes me feel good. They don’t know me I don’t know them but they are the ones who I thought might welcome a peach for breakfast, and I’m the one who felt a need to give it to them.

As we go through life, I think we forget to look for how people are offering us help too. It’s time for us to recognize that everyone needs help sometimes, it’s ok to reach out and take the peach. No shame, no blame, just “Thank you, I love these.” will not only provide you with something you need but a sense of reward for the gift giver to help you.

Everyone needs a peach, I hope you find yourself both the giver and receiver of one soon.


4 thoughts on “Give A Man A Peach

  1. Good for you, Danielle. And I read your blog on taking off life’s earphones just after returning from the Colorado Springs Farmers’ Mkt, where I had (delightedly) purchased some peaches from C&R of Palisades!

  2. Love your story Dani. It speaks of your lovely heart 🙂 My father always told us that it’s little things like that that can make a difference in people’s lives. He’s the type of man who will take a homeless man asking for change into a restaurant for a full meal. So he trained all us girls to do the same. He said money might go into other temptations, but showing kindness makes a lasting impression in that person’s life.

    You should be proud Dani. You most likely made a difference in that person’s life.

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