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The View House

Well it’s official…I am old.

Recently I attended my 20th high school reunion, at a new restaurant / bar in downtown Denver called the View House. It was wonderful to see friends again, meet some new ones and reconnect. I thank all avenues of social media which made the event so much less of “What have you been doing?” type questions and instead “How was your kids tball game last week?” type questions.

Honestly, it was so much fun to pick up right away with people and actually see them and hear their voices. It was phenominal.

But back to the topic at hand. It wasn’t the fact that I am old enough to celebrate 20 years of being out of high school that made me feel old. It was the unfortunate part that now I feel compelled to complain that it was held at The View House.

I had heard that the food at the View House was supposed to be fairly good, and I was excited that my ticket to the party included dinner, and a buffet too! I love buffet’s, that means I can have a little of everything without having to steal food off of my husband’s plate. I smelled the food and poof I was there building a plate.

What was interesting was the randomness of the food. Here is what was on the buffet in order of me putting it on my plate.

Mixed Salad Greens
Hot dog buns
Bacon wrapped Bratwurst/Sausage
Cooked Fish cut in strips that made it look like chicken
Little corn tortillas
Sour cream
Some sort of white cheese crumbles
Green Chili

It was the most confusing buffet I’ve ever had. Are we eating brats or sausage? Oh and why does the chicken taste like fish? And do we mix the green chili with the beans? Serioulsy confused.

But as any good food blogger does, I dove right in. Here’s what was on my first plate (yes I had to have two, you’ll know why in a moment).

Bacon wrapped Brat / sausage thing with cheese and sour cream, a bowl of pintos and green chili mix, green salad. I tried to eat it standing up to talk to folks, but that was impossible. It is absolutely impossible to stand and talk and balance a drink, a plate and bowl and fork and knife all while trying to have a conversation. My husband is proof of this as he accidentally knocked his own plate down while attempting to do the same thing.

But thankfully, I sat down.

I first tried the Brat/Sausage, and when I bit into it, it was the most spicy hot food I’ve had in years. Here’s me after bite 2 of the Brat/sausage (I still don’t know what it was).


It was so hot, I started getting red in my cheeks. But then it became a challenge. I told my friend it’s like I’m on “Man Vs. Food” and I wanted to see if I could finish the Baut-sage (that’s my name for it now). I got two more bites in and couldn’t do it anymore. It wasn’t a good hot, it was like there was so much spice in it that it was trying to cover up bad meat or something. It did not taste good at all.


Then later my husband and I still hungry decided to go back for what we thought were chicken tacos. When SURPRISE it’s fish! There’s something a little yucky about thinking you’re eating chicken, and actually taste fish. And why does the fish look like chicken? This makes me nervous as to what was going on in the kitchen.

At the end of the night, I had a half brat-sage, my stomach hurt from the overwhelming spice cover up and a chicken taco that tasted like fish.

All in all the company at the restaurant made up for all of this, however I would highly recommend the View House stick to what it really is. An awesomely cool bar with a great location and view and a fun place to play corn hole. They serve good drinks and their staff is very nice.

Just go somewhere else for dinner.

Cranky old lady, signing off.

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