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I've been avoiding cooking Fish after a terrible disaster, many years ago that included burnt fish, finding out that the "hood" over the stove┬ádid nothing but make a lot of racket, and giving up and eating at Burger King, who overcharged us by $1200. I kid you not. This was years ago, and I've been… Continue reading Oh…My…Cod…

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My Facebook Profile Is Fake

You know the old phrase "Keeping Up With The Jones'" where you can never live up to your neighbor as you go through life. Well I would like to formally announce something: My Facebook Profile Is Fake. Ok, it's not really fake, but as I look back on it, I look like I have a… Continue reading My Facebook Profile Is Fake

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Meet Sienna, My Kitchen “Helper”

Today, I would like to introduce you to my kitchen "helper" Sienna. Sienna is 11 years old now, and spry as a puppy. She is a mystery breed as she was found on the side of the road as a 4-6 week old pup when the rescue shelter found her. We were lucky enough to… Continue reading Meet Sienna, My Kitchen “Helper”

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The Spaghetti Story

A bus friend the other day was commenting about my blog, and I thought it is about time to share my cooking story. First of all, yes, I live in Colorado, and while our mass transit has a long way to go, I take the bus to work every day. I live in some odd… Continue reading The Spaghetti Story

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Step Away From The Jeans

So the other day I found myself at work. Hungry. Now this isn't a surprising moment for me, I am usually hungry. Seriously I will eat non stop all day, so I have trained myself fairly well to eat healthy items throughout the day. You will constantly see me munching on oranges, baby carrots, apples,… Continue reading Step Away From The Jeans