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Peanut Butter Chocolate Bites

This recipe started out a a very healthy version of a snack. I'll be honest, I pulled the original recipe off of Weight Watchers website, as I needed something sweet, but packed with protein for my afternoon snacks. Because at about 2:00, I am overcome with this immense desire to eat something sweet. I don't… Continue reading Peanut Butter Chocolate Bites

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Chantilly’s Heavenly Cream

2012 was an wonderful and amazing year for our family, and one of the events that made it so amazing was our trip to France. It was an incredible trip filled with family, food, wine (lots of wine) and laughter. It was phenomenal.   One of the most amazing days was a day that my Father set… Continue reading Chantilly’s Heavenly Cream

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Mile High Cookie Lovers Unite!

Good morning High Altitude Bakers! Today is a brisk fall day, and as it gets colder and colder one thing comes to my mind.  Baking. I love to bake, something about warming the house with the oven makes me feel like I'm providing a sense of security and love to my family, and the warm… Continue reading Mile High Cookie Lovers Unite!

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The sand castle cake adventure!

This is how the sand castle cake is supposed to look....let's see how I do!  Check my twitter updates throughout the day!  @danisdish Well the adventure has begun and we are 1/2 way through the process!  Cookie crumbs are mixed with A LOT of sugar, cones are cut, cupcakes are made, and everything is ready… Continue reading The sand castle cake adventure!

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Snowman Cupcakes

Well, we have yet again ventured into the "What's New Cupcake" book and found some amazing snowmen cupcakes wonderfully designed for a snowy day such as today!   So if you have some time, and a kiddo (or two) to help out, I think you have just found your next cupcake craft adventure. Snowman Cupcakes… Continue reading Snowman Cupcakes

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The Tale of Two Cheesecakes

There are some times when you make something so fantastic and amazing, someone asks you to make it again.  This is my story...the tale of two cheesecakes.  Pumpkin Cheesecakes to be specific. So imagine this, it's Thanksgiving week, I am off of work and I have carved out a perfect baking day.  Tuesday before Thanksgiving… Continue reading The Tale of Two Cheesecakes

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Cupcakes, Ice Cream and M&M’s. Oh My!

I adore desert, but I'll be very honest, I like the process of making desert and watching people eat them much better than eating it.  With that, my husband gave me a book for my birthday of oodles and oodles of amazing cupcakes that are so unique and different it would make any one say… Continue reading Cupcakes, Ice Cream and M&M’s. Oh My!