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Chicken Cordon Bleu – Version 1

When deciding which of Ryan's paintings I would try first, it was a difficult decision, this is a big deal - making an ode to Ryan's work in food form, and hoping I do a good job! So I did some research and I have come to the following realizations about Chicken Cordon Bleu.1.  It… Continue reading Chicken Cordon Bleu – Version 1

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Ryan Rice’s Fine Art In the Kitchen

As many of you know, my husband is an artist, (check him out on Facebook!) and brings light and laughter to daily life for our family and many many others in the world.  With that, many of his paintings are of food!  There are main dishes, deserts, and even snacks!  So today I embark on… Continue reading Ryan Rice’s Fine Art In the Kitchen

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The sand castle cake adventure!

This is how the sand castle cake is supposed to look....let's see how I do!  Check my twitter updates throughout the day!  @danisdish Well the adventure has begun and we are 1/2 way through the process!  Cookie crumbs are mixed with A LOT of sugar, cones are cut, cupcakes are made, and everything is ready… Continue reading The sand castle cake adventure!

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“The In-Law’s are coming for dinner” Lasagna

Did you ever see BeWitched where the husband springs a dinner party on his wife?  You know how it goes, "Honey, I forgot to tell you, my boss and his wife are coming over for dinner tonight.  I didn't think you would mind whipping up a meal for them.  Great, thanks!  See you tonight!"  And… Continue reading “The In-Law’s are coming for dinner” Lasagna

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Warning! This Pot Roast Will Turn You Into A Super Hero!

According to my brand new favorite magazine "Cuisine At Home" The real title is "Classic Pot Roast" but I really think we need to emphasize how amazingly delicious this dish is.  In fact, if you choose to make this, beware as within 5-9 hours, you will slowly become a super hero for your family and… Continue reading Warning! This Pot Roast Will Turn You Into A Super Hero!

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A Little Hangover Help For My Friends

We've all been there, or at least it makes me feel better thinking that we've all been there at least once. The celebration started, the drinks were poured and you had maybe one or two too many.  But the drinks were soooooo good, and it was one hell of a party...until the morning comes.  I… Continue reading A Little Hangover Help For My Friends

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Happy New Year to You and Your Lobster!

Remember that "Friends" episode?  You know, the one where Phoebe says "See, he's her lobster!"  (You're welcome for the quick and easy link to a very funny bit...gotta love Fibi) Anyhow, I'm not referencing you and your loved one that you will hold claws with for the rest of your life, this time I… Continue reading Happy New Year to You and Your Lobster!

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Snowman Cupcakes

Well, we have yet again ventured into the "What's New Cupcake" book and found some amazing snowmen cupcakes wonderfully designed for a snowy day such as today!   So if you have some time, and a kiddo (or two) to help out, I think you have just found your next cupcake craft adventure. Snowman Cupcakes… Continue reading Snowman Cupcakes

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The Tale of Two Cheesecakes

There are some times when you make something so fantastic and amazing, someone asks you to make it again.  This is my story...the tale of two cheesecakes.  Pumpkin Cheesecakes to be specific. So imagine this, it's Thanksgiving week, I am off of work and I have carved out a perfect baking day.  Tuesday before Thanksgiving… Continue reading The Tale of Two Cheesecakes

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Cranberry-Glazed Pork Roast Recipe

This one is for all you roast lovers out there.  This is incredibly easy and fun as you can change-up the sauce if you would like!  My favorite way to serve this meal is to do so when we have guests over, it smells heavenly, tastes delicious, is super easy and looks fantastic!!! So have fun, and enjoy!… Continue reading Cranberry-Glazed Pork Roast Recipe