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Herb-Rubbed Roaster Recipe

There are few things in life as lovely as a simple yet delectable meal.  Here's a meal that everyone can make, and it will make your family say "Wow" when you take it out of the oven and the whole house smells like dinner.  It's a Sunday Dinner for sure, so take your time with… Continue reading Herb-Rubbed Roaster Recipe

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Cupcakes, Ice Cream and M&M’s. Oh My!

I adore desert, but I'll be very honest, I like the process of making desert and watching people eat them much better than eating it.  With that, my husband gave me a book for my birthday of oodles and oodles of amazing cupcakes that are so unique and different it would make any one say… Continue reading Cupcakes, Ice Cream and M&M’s. Oh My!

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Terrific Chili Recipe

Well fall is definitely upon us, even if it is still 80 degrees in Colorado.  🙂  I'm thrilled to start cooking for fall, and warming the house with the smells and feel of slow cooking, or casseroles. With that, Chili is one of our family favorites.  Homemade chili can be not only a meal all… Continue reading Terrific Chili Recipe

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And the winner is….

STEAK! Winning 30% of all votes...the Steak will be served! Tonight I tried something new...not only did I spread our favorite salt all over it (if you're curious, the Williams Sonoma Salt with cracked pepper in it is amazing)  but I also sprinkled a little olive oil on the steak first!  But not just any… Continue reading And the winner is….

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My signature dish – Chicken Prosciutto Roll-Ups

Lets get one thing straight...I love Hell's Kitchen...and I will never ever volunteer to go on that show.  Here are some reasons I will never go. 1. I don't want to get yelled at. 2.  I don't cook fast enough. 3.  I don't know how to make Beef Wellington or Risotto. 3.  I don't think I… Continue reading My signature dish – Chicken Prosciutto Roll-Ups

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Simple, delicious and yummy steak

One of my favorite things about summer is our grill.  I have come to love grilling up burgers, chicken, pork chops, hot name it I'll grill it. Thankfully, my husband selected for us an infared grill which is amazing, but I have had a hard time getting used to the cooking style, specifically when… Continue reading Simple, delicious and yummy steak

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Falling Skies Poached Chicken

Wow, so immediately after I began my posts, my cousin and another good friend mentioned a show "Falling Skies" and their reference to poaching chicken.  I've never seen the show, but I thought...what the heck, let's find some poaching recipes for the Falling Skies Fans! So just for you Ian, and Erin, here are my… Continue reading Falling Skies Poached Chicken