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Marvelouse Mod Market

Recently I had the honor of being invited to the Mod Market opening at 16th and Champa in Downtown Denver. What a great event! Thank you all for the invitation and delicious lunch! I never knew much about Mod Market, but learned that the inspiration for the restaurant is to provide food that people could… Continue reading Marvelouse Mod Market

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The View House

Well it's official...I am old. Recently I attended my 20th high school reunion, at a new restaurant / bar in downtown Denver called the View House. It was wonderful to see friends again, meet some new ones and reconnect. I thank all avenues of social media which made the event so much less of "What… Continue reading The View House

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I Lovey Love Larkburger

Recently, I received the most generous of offers from Larkburger to try one of their new salads! I was hesitant at first, but replied and set a date for my family and I to go try the restaurant near us. I have been wanting to try Larkburger for a while now, and this was a… Continue reading I Lovey Love Larkburger

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Caveman Cafeteria

Recently I was genuinely curious to try a local food truck called Caveman Cafeteria. I will be honest, this whole drive to eat from food trucks is a new thing for me. I know, it's been years that people have been going to and enjoying food trucks all over the country. In fact, there is… Continue reading Caveman Cafeteria

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Chantilly’s Heavenly Cream

2012 was an wonderful and amazing year for our family, and one of the events that made it so amazing was our trip to France. It was an incredible trip filled with family, food, wine (lots of wine) and laughter. It was phenomenal.   One of the most amazing days was a day that my Father set… Continue reading Chantilly’s Heavenly Cream

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Love Me Some Udi’s

Family Date Night is such a fun night! Recently we were able to go out with some friends of ours and their kids and we had such a great time! Not only was the company fantastic, but we had a wonderful meal! If  you live in Arvada, and haven't checked out Udi's, please do! Their… Continue reading Love Me Some Udi’s

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Today’s Judge – Chef Matthew!

There are few times in life when we really treat ourselves. I mean really take the time to splurge, indulge  relax and enjoy the moment.  One of these moments in my life was when my Husband and I treated ourselves to an amazing meal at Linger. Let me tell you a little about  Linger. First of… Continue reading Today’s Judge – Chef Matthew!

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Fill in the blanks – Your help is requested!

Cooking and baking is so much fun...but eating out is fantastic too!  Lately I've been writing and thinking recently about my favorite sandwich (Turkey, cheese and cranberry at The Market in Downtown - ) and the cheese deliciousness at Bella Bistro got me thinking...we have so many amazing places for food in Colorado and I want to… Continue reading Fill in the blanks – Your help is requested!

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A Sandwich Inspiration

While on vacation, cooking sometimes takes the back burner to enjoying time with family.  Sometimes I'll find that the food at a certain family location like the zoo or the museum is exactly what I expect, bland simple, greasy burgers and fries with a side of coke.  However I am pleased to tell you that… Continue reading A Sandwich Inspiration