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Simple Scrambled Breakfast Sandwich

I don't know about you, but I love breakfast. In fact, if I could eat breakfast for every meal of the day, I would. And I'm not talking about cereal and milk, I like the good stuff. I'm thinking a hefty plate filled with perfectly crisp bacon, creamy scrambled eggs, light brown toasted toast. My… Continue reading Simple Scrambled Breakfast Sandwich

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The View House

Well it's official...I am old. Recently I attended my 20th high school reunion, at a new restaurant / bar in downtown Denver called the View House. It was wonderful to see friends again, meet some new ones and reconnect. I thank all avenues of social media which made the event so much less of "What… Continue reading The View House


Give A Man A Peach

Normally when I walk into work, I am in a daze. I may have worked out in the morning, dozed off on the bus and am blissfully wandering into work with my headphones blaring some upbeat song in my head. I work in lodo in Downtown Denver, and my walk to work takes me right… Continue reading Give A Man A Peach

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Noodles and Cheese Family Recipe

This recipe has been made so many times throughout my life from my father's side of the family, it has been introduced to almost every single person our family has had over for dinner. My Grandfather was the chef in my Dad's family, and he used to make this every time my Sister and I… Continue reading Noodles and Cheese Family Recipe

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Banana Bread Pancakes

Sometimes the best recipes are those that are the absolute easiest. This is one of those lucky times where I did something in the kitchen, just to see how it works, and it just happened to turn out to be one of the best and easiest things I've made in a long time! First things… Continue reading Banana Bread Pancakes

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Garlic Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza Review

"I tried my mom's Cheeseburger Pizza. I loved it." I took a moment to interview our daughter about her experience, and this is what we came up with for her first official review. Cassidy has only had cheese pizza up until this point, and tried the Garlic Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza recently. She really enjoyed the… Continue reading Garlic Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza Review

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Garlic #3 – Roasted Garlic Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

There are two things I love to eat. Cheeseburgers and Pizza. So when I found out that you could blend these two amazing items into one delicious item, I flipped. The first time I ever had this was at Old Chicago and it was a special they had for about a week. Then I never… Continue reading Garlic #3 – Roasted Garlic Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

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Introducing Cassidy’s Reviews For Kids

Introducing a whole new side of my blog, we are very happy to present Cassidy's Reviews For Kids. Cassidy is our daughter, just to give you kids (and parents) some backdrop, Cassidy is 7 years old, and likes Mac and Cheese, Cheese Sandwiches and recently has found she likes grilled pork and chicken if it's… Continue reading Introducing Cassidy’s Reviews For Kids

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Garlic #2 – Bacon Wrapped Roasted Garlic Cheeseburger

Our adventure down the Volcanic Garlic Braid brings us yet again to a Roasted Garlic recipe, but this time we're using it in another manner. This creation came to me one night when attempting to make a bacon cheeseburger, but the bacon kept sliding off of the burger when you take a bite. See, I… Continue reading Garlic #2 – Bacon Wrapped Roasted Garlic Cheeseburger

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How To Roast Garlic

This is for my friend who asked me for very specific instructions as to how to Roast Garlic. Here are step by step instructions as to how to make the most delicious Roasted Garlic. I hope you enjoy! What you will need: At least 1 whole head of Garlic (more if you want) 1 TBSP… Continue reading How To Roast Garlic