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And the winner is….

STEAK! Winning 30% of all votes...the Steak will be served! Tonight I tried something new...not only did I spread our favorite salt all over it (if you're curious, the Williams Sonoma Salt with cracked pepper in it is amazing)  but I also sprinkled a little olive oil on the steak first!  But not just any… Continue reading And the winner is….

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Choose our dinner adventure!

At least once a week, this conversation (or something similar) happens in our house, and I'm fairly certain that we're not the only ones: Spouse A  What would you like for dinner?  Steak, Chicken or Burgers? Spouse B:  I'm really open what do you want? Spouse A:  I'm really open too! Child:  How about Macaroni… Continue reading Choose our dinner adventure!